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We seal commercial buildings against air leakage and moisture entry

Heavy Commercial Builders

Shield your large-scale residential complexes, factories, skyscrapers, and other buildings against the elements.

Light Commercial Builders

Protect your free-standing buildings, business, or retail structures against air and moisture damage.

Air Barrier Installation

Indoor Air Quality

Air-resistant barriers around a building’s core insulation help prevent common outdoor airborne irritants, such as dust and allergens, from permeating your structure. This is especially helpful for buildings in city settings or dusty and wind-prone areas.

Long-term Maintenance Reduction

Air and moisture barriers keep the destructive properties of the outdoors at bay. Moisture can cause serious damage to structures, including dangerous molds and rot, while air can carry abrasives that wear away at interiors.

Air & Moisture Barrier Services

Air Barrier

This full-coverage barrier option offers an airtight finish and water resistance to protect against rain and water while maintaining some vapor permeability. This permeability allows vapor to exit the walls, which is important in helping to prevent mold and rot conditions in high-humidity climates.

Weather Barrier

Weather barriers offer water resistant and air-resistant protection as well as UV resistance. Made with water resistant polyethylene coated in an aluminum surface, this barrier is well-suited to buildings in direct sunlight (including high rises). It’s also non-permeable to water vapor, offering peak moisture protection that is suitable for low-humidity climates.

Vapor Retarder

Ideal for high-humidity regions, the vapor retarder prevents conditions causing mold growth and prevents moisture diffusion in your walls. This protective barrier is installed around thermal insulation for water-resistant protection that is still slightly permeable to vapors, allowing vapor to leave the walls (i.e. dry out) during periods of high humidity.

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Professional Air & Moisture Barrier Services

We install professional air and moisture barriers in commercial buildings at every scale, from small businesses to high-rise structures.

Efficient Heating and Cooling

Barriers against air leaks help contribute to the efficiency of a building’s thermal system. Expertly installed air  barriers keep cool air inside during summer and out during winter.

Moisture Control

Your climate and humidity will determine the type of moisture control that your building requires to prevent mold, mildew, and poor air quality conditions. High-humidity buildings will need water-resistant, vapor-permeable barriers while low humidity buildings might benefit most from fully water resistant barriers.

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